In The Beginning…

There was God…and only God.

Then, He made the universe, stars, planets…you know, all that neat celestial stuff.

Later on, it pleased Him to make this earth, plants, animals, etc. The terrestial things.

Much time passed…then…He made me. And I was born on November 9, 1962.

I was bald; hollering when I came out of my mother’s womb; overwhelmed by the bright lights and sudden noise. It must’ve been quite the mind trip. Glad I can’t remember it.

Time passed quickly; there was childhood, and school, and stupid mistakes made in life; military service, failed relationships, too many drugs used, and a near-fatal car accident that lead me to a saving knowledge and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Life’s been tough; life’s been good. Most of all, life’s been interesting.

For the chance to touch the lives of others, I am glad that I was put here on this earth. I hope and pray the next 45 years will be as interesting, and fruitful.

Most of all, I want to say, “Thanks, Mom, for giving birth to me, and for being such a great mom all these years. I love you.”


One Response to In The Beginning…

  1. Cindy says:

    Happy belated birthday Uncle Richard!!! Hope it was a good one! We miss y’all! Just trudging through school…only 157 days till graduation!!!

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