Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2007

Well, it will be in a few hours, at least. 🙂

I hope that the past year has seen many wonderful changes in your lives and that you look forward to an even more awesome 2008. As a recap, here were the groundbreaking events that occurred in the Davis household for 2007:

  • I was blessed to be able to speak at Park Baptist Church in Brookfield as pulpit supply in January. I had always wanted to stand in that pulpit to proclaim God’s Word, and He was faithful.
  • Also in January, I received word that I would be attending Local Pastors Licensing School at Fayette in May 2007; I also received notification from our District Superintendent that I would be appointed two churches after LS.
  • The transmission went out on our van in February, followed by the cam sensor and other assorted goodies to the tune of about $1500.
  • We officially became foster parents in March.
  • I filled the pulpit for two Sunday morning services at our home church, Trinity UMC, in Brookfield during Lenten season, and also at First Baptist Church in Laclede at the end of March.
  • Jeannie and I celebrated another wonderful year of marital bliss in April!
  • I kept up a running log of the huge forest fire in southeast Georgia/northeast Florida in May 2007.
  • I attended Local Pastor’s Licensing School in May and went through with flying colors.
  • I received confirmation on my first appointment in the Missouri United Methodist Conference to Bear Branch and Purdin UMC’s in June 2007.
  • We moved into a much bigger home on a farm near Browning, and near the churches I am serving, in July.
  • Presided over our first Ham and Turkey Dinner at Bear Branch UMC; also had our first charge conference for BB and Purdin combined (both in October).
  • Big ice storm in northern Missouri in mid December.
  • Big snowstorm also in north Missouri at year’s end. We have about 7 inches of the white stuff on the ground as of New Year’s Eve.
  • Appointed a third church in the charge in December 2007; this one is Pleasant Grove UMC, between Purdin and Bear Branch. I begin as their pastor in January 2008.

So, as you can tell, this past year was quite eventful. We anxiously look forward to 2008 and to God’s mighty wonders as we continue to serve Him!!

God bless everyone, and have a safe and happy New Year!


An Update…

December 20, 2007

Not much going on in the Davis household this week; it’s kinda the lull just before Christmas. We’ve got most of our shopping done and the boys gifts sent off…got the church bulletins finished for this week and I’ll be doing some studying this evening for the sermons on Sunday AM. Besides that, we’re deep-cleaning the house for Christmas Day company (and there’ll be a TON of people at the house!)

Speaking of church, I’ve been informed by the District Superintendent that there’ll be another church added onto my charge starting on January 6th.  Pleasant Grove is losing their pastor through retirement, so I’m on tap to take on duties there as well. We’ll be holding services every Sunday evening at 7PM. This will make it a three-church charge; I’ll still have 5th Sundays off, though…I’ll need it to recharge!

Weather this weekend looks unsettled; looks like a snowstorm headed our way…really don’t know how much we’ll get yet, as the storm track is  uncertain.

That’s it from here…how’s your week shaping up?

Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56

December 16, 2007

This man was one of my musical favorites; with his soft melodic voice and simple yet poignant storytelling, Dan Fogelberg was a multi-platinum artist who touched many hearts with his music. He died today from advanced prostate cancer.

“Same Old Lang Syne” and “Leader of the Band” were two of his many lyrically blessed songs that spoke volumes about human relationships, and the brief time we spend here on earth trying to make sense of them.

Such a shame, and such a great loss of a gifted and talented artist. He will truly be missed by millions around the world.

Some Storm Damage Pics

December 12, 2007

Here’s a few pics from the ice storm damage to some of the trees in our backyard.


This is just part of it; there’s a ton of limbs still in the trees that have snapped off that haven’t fallen yet…and this is the part I could get to without totally busting my butt on the ice…sheesh.

Cleanup Begins…

December 12, 2007

The roads are ice-covered, as well as the sidewalks and steps and patio and power lines and trees and….you get the picture.

So, instead of wrecking the van in a vain attempt to get to work, I am going to stay home today and begin the arduous task of cleaning up…which means chopping up the numerous limbs scattered about the yard.

The wind picked up last night, which sure didn’t help things. I heard the crack and thud of more tree appendages being shed off all night long. Plus, the power briefly went out four times…thank God it came back on quickly, though.

So, say a prayer for me this morning as I venture out into the elements and wear out my back gathering next year’s firewood. LOL.

After The Ice Storm…

December 11, 2007

Some views of the beauty after the recent bout of frozen precipitation last night.




God sure paints some pretty pictures, doesn’t He?…of course…I didn’t show you all of the downed limbs as well. LOL. That’s for another day!


Global Warming? Not According To NASA

December 10, 2007

Here’s a VERY interesting link to the levels of southern hemisphere ice; seems that there is now MORE ice than ever before:

Read but it HERE.

And to top it all off, they now say that Arctic ice levels are just 1% below normal. Not 10-20% like some people have been quoting.

What’s it all mean? IMHO, I believe we are witnessing the greatest “scientific” deception ever accomplished, thank to Al Gore and his GW cohorts. More and more scientific evidence is pointing to the fact that global warming is just not happening like they predicted. Most tellingly, they say that the earth could actually be entering another Little Ice Age.

Only time will tell, my friends.