Cleanup Begins…

The roads are ice-covered, as well as the sidewalks and steps and patio and power lines and trees and….you get the picture.

So, instead of wrecking the van in a vain attempt to get to work, I am going to stay home today and begin the arduous task of cleaning up…which means chopping up the numerous limbs scattered about the yard.

The wind picked up last night, which sure didn’t help things. I heard the crack and thud of more tree appendages being shed off all night long. Plus, the power briefly went out four times…thank God it came back on quickly, though.

So, say a prayer for me this morning as I venture out into the elements and wear out my back gathering next year’s firewood. LOL.

2 Responses to Cleanup Begins…

  1. Sending you a little warmth from Texas! šŸ™‚

  2. sliceofhome says:

    why, thank you for the warmth, young lady…we sure do need it here with all the ice. God bless!

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