An Update…

Not much going on in the Davis household this week; it’s kinda the lull just before Christmas. We’ve got most of our shopping done and the boys gifts sent off…got the church bulletins finished for this week and I’ll be doing some studying this evening for the sermons on Sunday AM. Besides that, we’re deep-cleaning the house for Christmas Day company (and there’ll be a TON of people at the house!)

Speaking of church, I’ve been informed by the District Superintendent that there’ll be another church added onto my charge starting on January 6th.  Pleasant Grove is losing their pastor through retirement, so I’m on tap to take on duties there as well. We’ll be holding services every Sunday evening at 7PM. This will make it a three-church charge; I’ll still have 5th Sundays off, though…I’ll need it to recharge!

Weather this weekend looks unsettled; looks like a snowstorm headed our way…really don’t know how much we’ll get yet, as the storm track is  uncertain.

That’s it from here…how’s your week shaping up?


2 Responses to An Update…

  1. roadtripray says:

    I’m curious, how does the 5th Sunday thing work? Do the churches on your charge not have worship on the 5th Sunday of the month, or does a lay speaker handle it?

  2. sliceofhome says:


    Good question. This is my first appointment in the Missouri UM Conference; upon receiving the news, I met with the PPRC and was informed by them that this has been a tradition with both churches for the past 50+ years (not having 5th Sunday services). So, needless to say, it is very hard for them to break with this tradition…slowly but surely, I pray that God will lead us into a special 5th Sunday service, perhaps a gospel sing, special guest speaker, or otherwise. This will take a WHILE, though! 🙂 Some habits are hard to change. And with rural churches, they are pretty set in their ways, for sure!

    On reading your blog, congrats on the call into the Candidacy Program. While it is indeed a challenge and lots of hoops to jump through, it is very rewarding. I pray that God will give you the wherewithal to see it through to completion. It is a blessing to see others wanting to lead for Jesus Christ. If you have any questions on the Candidacy Program, feel free to e-mail me or message anytime.

    God bless!!

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