Only A Week…

January 30, 2008

Since my last post, so I am slowly but surely getting better at trying to stay caught up amidst the busyness.


Have a church dinner this evening, then studying and studying for sermon prep, worship planning, etc., then amazingly, this weekend we are actually NOT scheduled to do anything. So, that will probably mean nursing home visits and maybe even some free time to watch a movie or two.

Course of Study starts next weekend. But more on that later after I read my homework assignments and finish my papers. LOL.


Heath Ledger, 28

January 23, 2008

Seems as if the young stars of today are burning out fast and furious; the late afternoon news yesterday of Ledger’s death shocked many around the world.

He was a promising actor whose dramatic roles had been compared with legendary Marlon Brando and there seemed to be a bright future ahead for him; alas, no more. Autopsy results were inconclusive, so toxology results will no doubt play a role in determining his death.

As God always says, we are not promised tomorrow. All of us need to be aware of that fact, and give our lives to Him so that we can be blessed with an eternity of being with the Lord in Heaven.

Apple’s Amazing Technology

January 15, 2008

Today, at Macworld’s annual keynote address, Steve Jobs unveiled more slick-handed showmanship with the following from Apple:

  • iTunes movie rentals (all major studios involved)
  • software updates for the iPhone and newest iPod Touch
  • Apple TV, take 2
  • Time Capsule, a backup hardware/Airport base station combo
  • MacBook Air, a crazy-thin, full-featured laptop with no optical drive but with wireless software to remotely access a Mac/PC CD/DVD drive

Sometimes, technology can just wow a person..this is one of those times.

Still, I’m waiting for the 2nd gen iPhone with 3G capability. 😦

A New Year…

January 15, 2008

Now that we’re already into the new year by about two weeks, I actually have time to write about a few things. LOL.

My column for this month is horribly late; I still need to turn it in sometime this week. Call me a slacker, I guess. We are just SO busy with life and church and ministry and foster parenting that things kinda get away from us, it seems.

However, we can’t overlook the wonderful blessings that God continues to bestow upon us, and I am indeed thankful that He does.  🙂   2008 is shaping up to be a banner year for things to happen for His Kingdom!

More later; I’ll even include a post on the Macworld keynote from Steve Jobs. Interesting things could be in store for those of us who like using Mac products.