Some Serious Inner Discussion

Over the past few weeks, I’ve done some major soul-searching and had some inward conversation (and no, there weren’t multiple voices answering me back, thank you very much, Jeannie and Kimberlie) about the future of my monthly newspaper column; the basic gist of it is this: there comes a time when all good things must come to an end…so is this it? Should I just throw in the towel after 3+ years of writing? After all, I am tired and busy much of the time anymore, and there are some months that I throw something together the day the column is due.

I am torn; part of me says, “Yes, it’s time. You’ve been blessed to actually have had something to say for all this time.” The other part of me argues, “No, no no! There’s still much to be said and done for the Lord in this community! You need to let your voice be heard for Him!!”

So, what to do?

Your thoughts and feelings on the matter? I need some public input, please!!

UPDATE (3/14/2008): Keep sending in your thoughts and feelings on this matter as I continue to pray about what God wants me to do. So far, it seems that everyone wants me to continue…but I have to ultimately think about what God wants me to do. I’ll let everyone know of my decision in a week or so.


8 Responses to Some Serious Inner Discussion

  1. Genny Wright says:

    Please keep it up. Sometime yours is the only voice of reason that shows up in this paper. Well, Doris Noah is always uplifting too. God will give you strength.
    May God bless you.

  2. anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work! Don’t let anyone try to get you down and don’t think that no one is listening. There are many of us who truly enjoy your writing and you are an inspiration to Christians all over! God bless!

  3. Wifey says:

    Although I agree with Genny and anon. I also see how you, my husband, are tired and worn out all the time. And although this is only once a month, I see what you go through preparing sermons (3 each week and 5 for next week) and I worry about you. I know what an inspiration you are to people and what a Christian influence you have on others lives. I can’t help but ask…where you have the greater impact. I see that there are people that label you as a “Jesus Freak” and see your picture in the paper and say “Oh it is just him and never read it”. So I wonder if you are reaching the people you are striving to reach. I am grateful for all the stops in Walmart (that have been fewer and farther between) that you get and the people who say “great column…keep it up”, but I have to wonder if your 3+ years of writing are making as great of an impact as before? I get the benefit of your writing all the time….I get to hear your preach….I read your short stories….You have profoundly impacted my life by your writing. I hope others feel the same. I hope you get more feedback. I say if you make people happy with your writing……..even if it was only one person…….keep it up.

  4. Tim says:

    Keep up the faith, brother. God will bless you as long as you keep your trust in Him.

    Your columns are excellent. Have you considered publishing some of your stuff?


  5. sliceofhome says:

    Thanks to everyone for their input so far. I am continuing to pray about this before the column deadline at the end of this month, so I’ll keep you posted. And keep sending in your comments! 🙂

  6. Johnny B says:

    Keep it up. God will give you the time and thoughts. Besides you can sleep when your dead. I am THE CABLE GUY and I know all and see all. So listen to me my bro-law it would be no good to give it up and let some other person fill in the dead space in the paper with jibberish. Other words came to mind but jibberish is fine. hehehehehehehehehehehe
    C_YA you know who!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sliceofhome says:

    Hmmmm…sounds like someone’s delusional, folks. 🙂 No, but seriously, THE MAC DOOD is the one that not only sees all and knows all also…he is the one with a far superior computer…since it is a MAC and MACS rule…while PC’s drool.

    That last comment was for you know who…LOL.

  8. kimmy says:

    without reading any of the previous comments: there is a time for everything, and if this has run its course…then let it go. There is nothing worse then when someone doesn’t realize its time to move on from a certain ministry, and they keep milking it. It may benefit a few, but its usually worse for the “minister”.

    just a little advice from someone who is going to be figuring this out for the rest of her life: when is it time to continue and when is it time to leave.

    Good luck with your decisions.

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