The Route 66 Books Are In!

We ordered some helpful maps and also a book with Route 66 tourist info from the other day. Well, they cam in yesterday and at first glance, seem VERY helpful. The maps actually have the old part of the highway drawn out, with wonderful stops along the way.

Here’s what the front cover of one of the maps looks like:

We plan on driving out non-stop to Arizona; then, while coming back slowly (over the course of about five days) we plan on taking in a lot of stops along the way. I’d like to get pics of old Route 66 signage, any deserted towns we might pass through; and cool looking vistas.

My June column in the Linn County Leader will deal exclusively on the trip, and then in July, I’ll be doing a follow-up with pics. I’ll also be uploading some pics after we get back of the journey.


5 Responses to The Route 66 Books Are In!

  1. Not making it to California? So sad! What other books and maps did you acquire other than the Here It Is map series shown above? There are plenty out there with lots of information. A good source for comparing what is available is

  2. Genny Wright says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I wish you many blessed memories. Genny

  3. sliceofhome says:


    We are also using the EZ Guide for Travelers as well, plus road atlases and some of my notes and memories form the trip I took when I was a kid. Thanks for the website tips! We’ll be taking lots of pictures along the way, and I hope to share in our adventures as we are traveling!


  4. sliceofhome says:


    Thanks for the prayers. I’m sure it will be a fantastic adventure!



  5. Judy Brown says:

    In case you are anywhere near Lebanon/Laclede County there is a Route 66 Museum in the local library building (used to be a K-Mart) and it is quite extensive. I think you would enjoy it and best of all, it’s free. I don’t know where you’re going to leave Route 66 in Missouri but it does follow I-44 and goes right through Lebanon. Also the Munger-Moss Motel and Wrinks Market in Lebanon have been around for ages and are on Route 66 with lots of memorabilia. Looking forward to your pictures.

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