One Last Flooding Post With Pictures

June 27, 2008


Prayerfully, the worst is over. The water is V E R Y slowly starting to recede, and besides a brief thunderstorm or two this evening as a cold front comes through, the rain looks like it will hold off for several days…enough to begin drying out, at least.

Here’s some final pictures from what will probably go down as the Great Flood of 2008 here in northern Missouri:

As an FYI: the Grand River is cresting tonight at a little over 39 feet near Sumner, MO and will cause moderate flooding of HIghway 139 1/2 mile east of town.


North Missouri Flooding News (Updated)

June 26, 2008

Much of the north central area of our state continues to be inundated by heavy rainfall and rising rivers and creeks; a flood warning remains in effect for the following creeks until  further notice:


In addition, many roads have been closed off due to the flooding. As of this writing U.S. Highway 36 near Wheeling is closed across both east and westbound lanes, and Highway 11 is shut down around the Yellow Creek area south of Route E.

I’ll be taking more pics tomorrow and posting them online. As an FYI, there is a 60% chance of rain tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow evening. Please pray for a break in this weather so we can dry out. It is looking worse and worse all the time.

Northern Missouri Flooding

June 25, 2008

There was tremendous rainfall that overswept much of the area last night; reports range from 4-10 inches of rain in a brief 12-hour period which caused widespread flash flooding and also river flooding.

Here are a few pics taken this morning from around the Browning/Laclede area (we received app. 8 inches of rain from 11:00PM to 8AM):

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the area farmers and others hit hard by this unfortunate turn of events.

More Route 66 Pictures…

June 24, 2008

Here are some more photos taken from our journey. Hope you enjoy!

After The Great Adventure…

June 24, 2008

Almost 5,000 miles, through nine states, over the course of 11 days…that was our vacation through Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Along the way we visited such places as the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Bedrock City, Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and the Oklahoma City Zoo; and also such diverse places as Jerome, AZ (which sits on the side of a mountain), Wolf Creek Pass (where there was snow at 10,000 feet and the temp was 48° with howling 50 mph winds); and, of course, a long travel path down ol’ Route 66 (which in some parts was even dirt).

So many pictures…so many memories. We are exhausted but thankful to the Lord for the finances, the opportunity, and also the wherewithal to go about this wonderful journey into the past.

Here are a few of many pictures we’ll be sharing over the course of the next few weeks:

At the Grand Canyon

This was at the Grand Canyon; Jeannie’s brother Jerry is on the left and his daughter Angellica is at front left.

Jeannie and I gazing at God’s beauty via a rock outcropping at the Canyon.

Yes, here I am out on a ledge at the Canyon. It was 4,000 feet to the bottom from here. What a view!!

The beginning of Route 66 in Arizona. Desert and heat ruled the day (over 105°).

That’s some of the pics for now. I’ll be back with more later on!

Blessings to all!

Linn County Leader June 2008 Column – “The Mother Road Beckons!”

June 3, 2008

About a year ago, Jeannie and I were planning a vacation out to Arizona to see her brother Jerry and his family; much of this trip was to include a scenic ride back on Route 66, which for many years was the “only” highway to travel.

Well, after our van broke down and we had to sink many dollars into a new transmission and other parts, our trip was put on hold for a bit. And, in between, many things happened in our lives. I was appointed to a pastorate; we became foster parents; and our family moved to the farm outside of Browning. Yet, through all of this, we looked forward to 2008, when we would once again plan another vacation excursion out west.

And so, my friends, it’s that time again! The journey has been (for the most part) thought out and written down; we’ve been praying for traveling mercies to our destination and back again; guest speakers have been lined up for the three churches I am serving at (and a BIG thanks to Jeff Wilkerson and Ted Stockwell for filling in while I am gone for those two Sundays); “special” maps have been purchased (Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series by Jerry McClanahan)…everything is now in place for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We’re excited!

Some of those weird things we plan on doing include stops at the Cadillac Ranch, an overnight stay at the Wigwam Motel, and a meal at the Silver Moon Restaurant. “Normal” tourist-type of stuff planned include a few days at the Grand Canyon, a trip to Red Rock State Park, stops at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest Park, etc. There are SO many places of interest and things to do that I don’t know if we’ll be able to get all of it in; but we’re sure gonna try!

And part of this trip is the nostalgia factor for me; this is the same road that we traveled when we moved from California to Missouri, so there will be lots of bittersweet memories. Dad passed away a few years ago, so I can imagine there’ll be some tears shed for him along the way, and, of course, there will also be some long-forgotten mental snapshots that will surface. Even now, I can still picture some of the places that I saw as a 10-year old; I wonder, “Are they still there?” And soon, I’ll find out the answer!

If the newspaper permits, I would like to share some special stories over the next few months of this column on some of the more interesting characters that we’ll meet on the road; or perhaps some pictures of boarded-up ghost towns, unique tourist stops, or other flights of fancy. I urge those of you who are the last of the baby boomers (like Jeannie and I) to get out and take your families along this stretch of blacktop; splurge on a true “family” vacation together in a vehicle, laughing, singing, sleeping, telling stories, and most of all, staring in open-mouth wonder at God’s creation, painted in vivid brush strokes across the mountains; across the desert; and across the plains. It will be such a blessing to be able to travel across a vast swath of this great nation and experience some truly memorable things.

So, we go with God in a few days! Should be quite an experience for all of us.

The Mother Road beckons…and it’s time to “set sail” on our great adventure. Take care!

Richard is a regular monthly columnist for the Linn County Leader. He is also the pastor of Bear Branch, Purdin, and Pleasant Grove United Methodist Churches in north Missouri. You may reach him at or via his blog at