Spinning Out of Control

That’s what it seems like with the world of today.

Banks failing; mortgage companies collapsing; CEO’s of giant corporations taking the money and running…Families being split apart by strife; fuel costs soaring; many lives at a crossroads.

Sounds like it IS time for a change…but what kind of change? And at what cost?

Folks, I’m not here to tell you how to cast your vote for President of the U.S. this next month; but what I am here to tell you is to look at both with a careful eye; it almost seems that there are no “lesser of two evils” this time…and that is truly frightening. Because whichever way this nation decides, it will be for the next four years; and that is a lifetime in the political, as well as the real, world.

With the stock market heading almost straight down, and more and more companies declaring bankruptcy, there is a word that people are whispering with increasing frequency; a word that sends shudders down a person’s spine and conjures up images of a terrible past that helped to redefine our nation.

That word is “Depression.”

Are we headed there? Will we have another “Dust Bowl” in this country? No one knows except for God. All I know is that numerous signs are pointing towards a great event that will do one of two things: turn our nation back towards the Lord, or send up screaming and spinning wildly into the abyss. It is up to all of us, as a collective nation, to decide which way we will turn.

It begins with the right choice for leadership at the top of our government. Leadership that calls on the Creator for decision making, and turns to Him in times of need.

Folks, we’re in that time now. So when we all go to the polls in less than a month, may we pray diligently before we cast our vote. And may we pray for God to have mercy on us, the United States of America.

2 Responses to Spinning Out of Control

  1. Genny Wright says:

    You are so right! I have a tee shirt that says Pray Vote Pray. It has never been more apporpriate. May God help America and the world.

  2. Genny Wright says:

    Sorry, I spelled appropriate wrong. I’m a stickler about that. I wish more newspapers were.

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