Come Worship With Us!

November 29, 2008

Tomorrow AM at 10:30 Jeannie and I will be leading services at Freedom Baptist Church in Brookfield; since it’s 5th Sunday, I’m off from my regular pastorate at the three churches we serve, and Pastor Ron Adrian at Freedom graciously asked us to fill in.

We’re excited to be praising God among our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We plan on singing a few congregational songs, then go right into some Casting Crowns and Mercy Me music, among others. Then, I’ll be opening up God’s Word and preaching from Luke 21 for the 1st Sunday in Advent.

If you’re in the area, please come join us as we worship the living God! Freedom Baptist is located on Highway 36 east just past Smith Motor Co. That’s about 2 miles east of Brookfield!

Hope to see you there!


Me and the iPhone3G

November 21, 2008

Yeah, I know…I love my Apple toys.

Here’s a shot at work with the aforementioned iPhone3G, complete now with the version 2.2 firmware which came out early this morning; a shot across the bow for RIM and their new Blackberry Storm.

All I can say is…wow…StreetView is awesome on the iPhone. I’ve been visiting old neighborhoods in L.A. and Orlando. Lots of things have changed, sad to say. :(.

DaMacDood and his toy

BTW, the hair growth is two weeks after shaving it completely bald with a razor. Crazy, huh?

Veterans Day News From Yesterday

November 12, 2008

I was very humbled and honored to be the keynote speaker at the Vets Day celebration that New Cambria Schools held yesterday; there was a good contingent of veterans there, and about 150-200 people were on hand. Jeannie was our “official” photographer for the parish, and a great companion to have on hand to give me words of encouragement before and after.

Thanks to Julie Bagley, (my sis-in-law) for asking me to speak during this very important day for our nation. Americans must never forget the sacrifices that were paid for our freedoms.

Here’s a few pics from the assembly:

It was a great day to sing songs about God and Country; to hear about the sacrifices of those brave men and women who have given their all for this antion; and to be reminded about what true freedom is all about.

Be blessed!

Catching Up

November 10, 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes; I’ve been swamped crazy-busy with work and church and life…seems like it never ends and only gets piled on deeper and deeper as I get more involved in the ministry.

Of course..that’s exactly the way God has planned it! So I am thankful. 🙂

The bald head is quickly filling in with hair now; interestingly enough, some of the white stuff (no, NOT dandruff but hair) is being replaced by darker stubble. I find that fascinating. Perhaps the cure for baldness and/or dyeing your hair is to shave your head bald and then grow it back. Hmmm….

Home life is good. I pray that God will open up doors for me to actually go into ministry full-time in the very near future, so I can spend more time with my wife. I really miss her when I am at work; more and more every day. Really bums me out sometimes.

Disciple 1 class tonight. We are in week 28; only a few more to go and we will be done. There has been tremendous growth in those who have been faithfully taking it over the past several months, and we are truly thankful for that. God is good!

Still contemplating the presidential election, and the ramifications of it. Lots to say; just need to sit down and spill my guts sometime.

More later. may God bless each of you richly today!

A New Winter ‘Do

November 7, 2008

You know…I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be bald; totally hairless against the ravages of frigid north Missouri winters.

So, I took the plunge and had Jeannie shave my head. A pic below:


Yeah, I know. BIG ears.

What’s a guy to do with those?

Thoughts? Comments?

(BTW…I AM letting my hair grow out after being outvoted to keep it. The tally was a landslide against me)

Post-Election Thoughts

November 5, 2008

Voter tsunami.

Those are the only words I can use to describe the events that quickly engulfed the world early yesterday evening, when Barack Obama cannonballed into John McCain’s electoral college swimming pool and emptied it out with one swift splash.

McCain, no doubt, is still drenched from the soaking he received at the hands of Obama’s relentless victory-making machine. He seemed listless and unfocused at his concession speech, while Palin shed bitter tears of defeat behind him. After all, this was her time; her moment to shine; her chance to grasp the brass ring and swing from it. Instead, all she got was a long plane ride back to Alaska, where she will have to answer numerous penetrating questions from her constituents: Why did you need a new wardrobe for the campaign trail, Sarah? Did you think it was right to take your kids along with you on official governor functions and have us pay their way?

Etc., etc., etc.

Last night was a truly amazing thing to watch as it unfolded. First red, then blue, then more red…and, then, a swatch of blue that blazed a path across the electoral map as had never been witnessed before. Republican states flipped over to the other side so quickly that the carnage was over before it had a chance to sink in.

Obama 349; McCain 163; with Missouri and North Carolina still too close to call at this time.

Folks, we saw what was perhaps the most profound evening of election history in the making on Tuesday. We were privy to a nation coming out from underneath the shadow of bigotry and racial hatred; a country that was being reborn from the ashes of war and economic gloom.

However, we also saw troubling signs. We saw a President-elect who believes that abortion is OK; who wants to spend and create big government all over again; who did not praise the Name of our Lord until his closing sentence, and even then made it as a passing remark; a man who thinks that we can have a new “spirit” of patriotism in our own power.

It’s time to get real, my friends. Abortion is murder, plain and simple; we need to spend less as a nation taking care of those overseas, and instead help care for those in our midst; God should be thanked and praised continually; the only spirit we need is the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and lives…and the list goes on and on.

So, in the end, I thanked the Lord that our nation did not break out into civil unrest; but I am truly frightened when I think about the next four years. We need a leader who will put God first, and not mention Him as a casual, offhand reference.

Pray for Barack Obama; pray that he will fully turn his heart and life over to the his Creator, and Sustainer.

God will not be mocked, nor will He be ignored.

Election Day Thoughts…

November 4, 2008

Well, in a few hours we will probably know who our next President-elect is for America.

Today has been a period of inner reflection and outward expression for many people on where our nation is headed; either towards the abyss of self-absorbed chest-thumping ot a turnaround towards the Lord. Either way, we can be guaranteed many hours of media insight into the matter after the polls close.

Where does this leave us as “one nation under God”? We can only pray that whoever is elected would steer us in a clear and decisive path that focuses more on God than on us; that He would be glorified and placed on high as the cornerstone of this great country. If that happens, then we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. If not….I can truly foresee terrible times ahead.

Pray for God to be lifted up during, and after, this election. For our sake, and for our children’s sakes.

More later.