Me and the iPhone3G

Yeah, I know…I love my Apple toys.

Here’s a shot at work with the aforementioned iPhone3G, complete now with the version 2.2 firmware which came out early this morning; a shot across the bow for RIM and their new Blackberry Storm.

All I can say is…wow…StreetView is awesome on the iPhone. I’ve been visiting old neighborhoods in L.A. and Orlando. Lots of things have changed, sad to say. :(.

DaMacDood and his toy

BTW, the hair growth is two weeks after shaving it completely bald with a razor. Crazy, huh?


2 Responses to Me and the iPhone3G

  1. See, even at work you don’t put that thing down. You are such a GEEK!! But….You are MY Geek and I love you. Glad you are growing your hair back even if it is mostly gray. HeHe 🙂

  2. Kelsey says:

    Daddy!!! I love you! and I love your IPhone3G it’s so cool!!

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