Coming Soon…

The Lord has been working on me these past several months about my writing muse…and how I have neglected this gift from Him for so long.

I truly and deeply feel that it goes beyond a talent to something else…something that is such a blessing which can reach out and touch many, many people with God’s love and spiritual encouragement. I am humbled whenever the thoughts that I put to pen and paper change a person’s life and makes them strive for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ. Wow.

It really puts your life into perspective and makes the question, “Lord, what am i here for?” a little easier to answer.

2009 was going to be the year when I started, and finished, my autobiography: a sordid tale of 16 years of drug and alcohol abuse interspersed with sadness, bitterness, and a life-changing encounter with our living God in Christ Jesus. Well, I have an outline and a path on which I intend to travel on…but for the time being, it is being put on the back burners while I concentrate more on re-imagining something I thought was buried and forgotten…my monthly column in the local newspaper: Slice of Home, Slice of Life.

My friends, I intend on restarting this column in the next month or so, God willing (and the paper’s blessing!) I keep feeling the Holy Spirit prompt me to delve into this again, in the hopes that somewhere “out there” is someone who needs to hear about Christ through our local media. It may be a crazy thought…yet, somehow, I know it will work.

I will keep everyone posted! God’s blessings on you and yours!


One Response to Coming Soon…

  1. Genny Wright says:

    It will be a blessing to read your words again. May God bless you and yours.

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