Book Review: The Word of Promise Next Generation Audio Bible: ICB (Audible Audio Edition)

I have had the privilege to obtain a copy of this MP3 dramatization from and after a few months of listening, here are my thoughts:

I dove into this audio bible with high hopes because, as a pastor, I was hoping to use this with the youth at church to make the Word a little easier to digest. Yet, after some time musing about it, I truly think this dramatization is of poor quality with very little “dramatization”. It’s a flat read audio book with minimal background effects and a louder-than-needed soundtrack.

The music did not mesh with the dramatization being “acted” out; instead, I found it annoyingly grating with loud music over a gentle scene, and gentle music over barely audible voices.

Many of the actors portraying biblical characters were out of touch; especially Jesus. He sounded more like a hippie from the 60’s than a true charismatic individual who taught about love, compassion, and a better life through the forgiveness of sin.

For the youth of the church I serve, as well as my family and myself, I’ll keep on looking for an audio book version of the New Testament and Old Testament with a high quality reader(such as James Earl Jones) who will be able to captivate an audience with a resonate reading, and not with cheesy effects.


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