The Poisonous Tongue

January 27, 2011

That was the subject broached at our CSBC Wednesday Evening Bible Study for the adults; we had lots of great discussion and some pointed questions asked about this small muscle in our mouths that does such evil and treacherous things.

Why is it that we let our lips sing and speak forth praise unto the Lord on Sundays during our worship, and then let those same lips blast out cuss words during the week? Why do we say we love God and then ungraciously gift our neighbor (and brothers and sisters in Christ) with words of hatred? Where are our hearts and minds when this happens?

James chapter 3 talks on this very topic; it’s one that we don’t care to admit to anyone, including ourselves, because it causes us to look in the mirror and examine our innermost being. You know, those things like the skeletons we hide in our closets; the thoughts that we try to veil to the outside world; even the feelings that we have for our fellow man as we put on those smiles and say everything’s a-ok.

We can’t tame our tongues in our own power, my friends. Only God can help us with them.

Through humbleness (practicing that age-old technique of kneeology), through the wisdom of God’s Word, and through being the correct Godly role models for our families, our spouses, our churches, our co-workers, etc., can we do battle with the tongue. While it is a lifelong struggle, the Lord can give you the right mindset in Christ Jesus to “bite” your tongue before lashing words come out and hurt someone or cause irreparable damage to the Body of believers. Too many churches have divisions by people gossiping, backbiting, and murmuring…we all need to learn, as Christians, to listen to that still, small voice of God…and then do what HE tells us to do, instead of doing what WE want to do.

The tongue can be a wonderful edification tool for Christians…or it can be a devastating stumbling block.

It’s your choice on how you use it.

Be blessed on this Thursday!!


A New Year of Awesome Changes

January 26, 2011

Hey folks!

Yes, it’s been a while; took a sabbath off from writing and reflecting to gather some thoughts and think of the challenges that lie ahead for 2011 in the ministry.

Where to begin? CSBC is growing like gangbusters; from a near death when we got here in June 2010 (just 6 original people left) to now, pushing over 50 on Sunday mornings, 40 on Sunday evenings, and 40 for Wednesday evening bible study. Praise God as He is working in the lives of His people here!

How did it happen? Lots of prayer; lots of spiritual teaching, lots of prayer, lots of love, lots of prayer….you get it. Without prayer none of this would be possible; without a true and substantial faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we could not have survived. It’s been a blessing to experience this awesome rebuilding of the Body of Christ, and we know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

How do we know that? Hop over to my Facebook page and read this interesting observation from The Great Awakening 2011.

God’s really working, that’s for sure! And there is SO much more that He has in store for Brookfield and the surrounding area that it’s hard to know where to pick up the ball and start running…all I can say is that revival is about to break out, so everyone better hold on tight and don’t let go! When the dust clears they’ll be TWO distinct sides of the Church – the one who is willing to go where God leads, and the other who is willing to go where man leads (and where they are in their comfort zones). God will not force which side the people choose; but once chosen, those churches who would rather have money, nice buildings, and “religious and traditional” worship where God is limited will not experience the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit…and will be saddened to be left behind when the movement of God takes off.

Perhaps this map sums it up best; notice that Brookfield is experiencing an outreach that is rapidly spiraling outward and that the town is the only one in our area. Very interesting.

Folks, I haven’t started this; GOD has! Through the identical vision of Pastor Marshall Adams of Harvest Time Ministries nine months ago, and myself a few years back, the Lord has told us both that His Church is a slumbering giant that needs to be awakened by the saints. The time has come for our talk (and walk) to progress beyond the four walls of our buildings and out into the surrounding communities to reach the least, the last, and the lost.

The time has come for God’s Church to be transformed into what HE wants…and not what WE want.

Is it scary? Why, yes, it is. Is it humbling, knowing that God has chosen this messenger? Yes, it is, because I know that there will be persecution, but the Lord will help us to overcome anything that stands in the way of reviving His Church. Will it be a challenge? You betcha…but His servants are ready for the challenge!

Awesome change is coming, my friends! Time to get onboard with the Lord!