Restarting Our Faith

March 16, 2012

Our daily lives are filled with junk…plain and simple.

This “junk” threatens our spiritual walks with the Lord each and every hour; it might consist of playing too many hours of video games, or watching too many movies filled with gore and splatter, or endless channel surfing on the tv, or waxing our favorite possession of a cherished car, or….see what I’m talking about?

When we get bogged down by junk, or faith gets bogged down by the shiny things of the world. They become our god, and control every aspect of our lives. The very emotions that our Lord God gave us can even become a hindrance: for example, say we’re having a bad day and we don’t let go of those bitter feelings or angry thoughts. Sooner or later, we’re bound to lash out at someone close to us or maybe even a complete stranger…our Christian witness suffers, and we feel like our faith walk gets moved back a few hundred feet (or more!)

Folks, what we need to do is put the junk down and “restart” our faith each and every morning with that great Christian foundation that we oftentimes forget about: PRAYER. We need to humble ourselves, hit our knees, and thank Him for another morning that we can draw breath; another morning that we can praise Him; another morning that we can witness for Jesus! When we are able to get ourselves out of the way and focus our entire created being on the Lord, we can then realize that in the greater scheme of things, we are but a TINY part…not the HUGE part that we incorrectly think that we play in life.

Remember Ephesians 6:18! If we pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, things WILL happen! Our faith will be restarted, our daily walks with the Lord encouraged, and our days will be spent giving Him all the praise, honor, and glory (instead of giving it to ourselves or feeling sorry for ourselves)!

If you put junk in to your life, you get junk coming out in your life…so put Jesus in, and get Jesus to shine forth in your life!!

Be blessed, my friends!