What is the Church?

I’ve been asked that question many times in the 25+ years that I have been in the ministry; most people have a very skewed sense of what the church really is. The majority of them think of it as the building where a congregation meets to worship God; only a few realize that the church is actually the body of Christ.

I mention this because our fellowship known as The Lighthouse has recently sold the building where we met every Sunday and Wednesday; mainly because we could not afford the upkeep of it any more, and secondly because we wanted to offer the building as another ministry opportunity for someone.

MANY people have been curious (i.e. nosy) when they found out; 99% of them wanted to know where the money was going to. And our answer as a congregation is this: there is plenty of ministry to be done in our area, and we have already accomplished a few tasks that have been placed before us…and there are many, many more out there that we will be taking a look at (and doing) in the next several months. The finances of the church are being cared for wisely and thoroughly by our Board of Directors, and there are some wonderful plans being laid out for 2015.

With that being said, over the past few months, The Lighthouse has been meeting in the cozy confines of the Davis household every Sunday morning at 10:30; we call this “Worship@Home” and we are actually hosting more people in this intimate setting than we were in the “church”
. We are patterning our worship directly from the Book of Acts; just as the apostles met in their homes and fellowshipped and broke bread together, so we, too, meet and greet each other with joy, laughter and love and learn the Word of God with gladness.

This, my friends, is what the Church SHOULD be…a group of Jesus followers who are eager and hungry to know all they can about their Lord and Savior and who actually enjoy being together. No pretenses, no masks, and no “fake” Christians…just the love of brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus.

Sadly, this is what is lacking in our mainstream congregations of today…most are too busy worrying about what their fellow pew warmer is doing (or not doing) instead of examining their own hearts and lives and seeing what changes need to be made to rekindle a nurturing and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is one thing that his servant is indeed thankful for…and that is the awesome and life-giving changes that have come to light these past few months, and I am indeed looking forward to serving the Lord with a fired-up fervor in this new year!

So, folks, the next time someone asks you what the church is…let them know that it’s not the ornate buildings; not the fancy facilities; and not the beautiful stained glass windows…the church is you, and me, and all of those who profess the Name of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Let’s be the true church in all that we say and do, and truly reach out to a lost world in need…instead of hiding behind our “buildings”.


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