Don’t Market your Church…Market Jesus!!

For lack of anything else better to do, I took a few moments away from our busy schedules to take some alone time and sit back and reflect on the goodness of God in my life, even when I didn’t even know Him.

One of the things that really strikes me is how the Lord has allowed (in His infinite wisdom) my professional life to flourish. I began to think about the myriad of jobs that I have been blessed to be a part of, and those thoughts bring a nostalgic smile to my face. From being a (very) young radio announcer at KGHM in Brookfield, MO; then on to a long tenure as a route salesperson with Pepsi Cola; to an assistant manager at Goody’s Family Clothing; to Director of Sales and Marketing at both and Dynatek Labs; to Executive Vice President of Internet Operations at AccessATC; and now as part of the management team at Save-A-Lot…marketing in one form or another has always drawn me back into its’ fold time and time again.

Part of the allure is being able to make a difference while providing service that goes above and beyond the norm. Another aspect I enjoy(ed) is the visual marketing to keep relevant products fresh and new in the customer’s eyes without overhyped stagnation. Last, but not least, is the awesome opportunity to meet people with a smile or comment that might just make their day a little brighter and their steps a little lighter.

Without a formal education in marketing and lacking a college degree on my resume, I have been truly blessed everywhere that I have went and made some memorable and lasting friendships along the way…and financially, the Lord has provided abundantly! It is truly amazing to see God’s hand at work, especially during the time when I did not know Christ as Lord and Savior.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I finally came full circle to my time in the Lord’s ministry, and the even BIGGER blessing that has been in my life. From my time as a youth leader/teacher at Second Baptist Church; to a stint as Associate Pastor/Music Minister at Faith Temple Church (both in Waycross, GA); getting my feet wet for a few years as a lay speaker in the United Methodist Conference in Missouri; then surrendering to the ministry call as a local licensed pastor before being called into ordained full-time ministry at The Lighthouse…the ride has been full of ups and downs and tremendous thrills and crushing blows, but it’s been a great ride nonetheless.

And here’s the most amazing thing about the two paths: both my professional and spiritual occupations have everything to do with marketing and public relations.

You might ask, what does being a pastor or being in ministry have to do with marketing? And my answer is this: telling people about the greatest product in this world and the next…Jesus Christ. Savior; Redeemer; Lord.

Some might look at this and call it blasphemy…but let me ask one question: when is the last time you went up to someone with a smile on your face of a gentle comment on your tongue and spoke to them about the Good News? When was the last time you actively promoted salvation in the Lord Jesus as the only way to true peace and happiness in life? Or, perhaps, when was the last time you shared scripture with the passion that you only reserve for those things you hold near and dear to your heart? That’s what REAL marketing is…believing in a product so strongly, so adamantly, so firmly that nothing else matters!

My friends, this has to be our new mantra: we SHOULD “market” Christ with all of our thoughts and actions; we MUST “market” His wondrous story with a lost and dying world that desperately needs saved; and above all, we HAVE to “market” a relationship with Christ Jesus as the means to grow and prosper spiritually in all areas of our lives.

Marketing the world and all its pleasures is not the true answer, folks.

Marketing Jesus is. 🙂


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