Screamin’ for More…

A long time ago, I wrote incessantly; feverishly; with a mission. It flowed out of me like molten lava, threatening to consume my every waking thought.

There were songs; poems; short stories, novellas…pen to paper became keyboard to screen and then dictation to text. And the river of words became a paragraph tsunami that continued unabated.

Then, like a faucet rudely interrupted by a broken water main, the words ceased. My once hulking creativity became a whispering, emaciated shadow; with slumping shoulders, I resigned myself to the fact that, perhaps, that period was gone for good.

Yet, every fiber in my being was screaming for more….more thoughts; more words; more LIFE. More of that spark that created the prolific firestorm of imagination I was once again longing for but didn’t know how to achieve.

I had begun to realize that much of my restlessness stemmed from not having that outlet of expression…an outlet that had been with me since a very early age.

When the new year of 2015 rolled around, I made a vow to God to do whatever it took to get back on track. Through some intensive bible study, self-reflection, meditation and prayer, January 1st dawned bright and early and I felt that I was ready for the task at hand.

A few weeks later, I am finding that my writing is coming more frequently and smoothly; words are tying into sentences and paragraphs into coherent stories. The inner muse (as my brother Ron would call it) is now active and growing with each day, and along with it comes a revival of my heart and spirit.

As I type this, a slow smile spreads across my face, and I feel…young…once again.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me that “write” stuff again.


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