Things to Think About…

February 12, 2015

And here I am again, back from a recent six day vacation stretch to the great northern state of Wisconsin.

Some observations and highlights:

Life is indeed different in various regions of the United States. I have been truly blessed during the past 52 years to have been able to visit all of the continental U.S.; from moving cross country (Los Angeles, CA to Brookfield, MO) as a child, to joining the Navy and seeing many, MANY states, to then traveling with Jeannie and Kelsey all around…lots of sights, lots of things to do, and lots of FUN.

Life the farther north you go is more rugged and harsh. Chalk this one up to bitterly cold winters. Missouri winters don’t have ANYTHING on Wisconsin’s season. When you see people skating and ice fishing on a 6,000+ acre lake that is frozen completely over, then you absolutely know that it’s cold. No ifs, ands, or buts.



The economy is more robust and wages are indeed higher. I can’t begin to tell you how many places are begging for workers; average starting pay is between $10-15 per hour. The cost of living is comparable to Missouri’s, and since Wisconsin IS the dairy state….well, all I can say is that milk is less than $3 per gallon. LOL.

People are serious about their spiritual state of mind. Churches are thriving across major demographics, and they all work together to get things done within their area. It was very refreshing to see.

All in all, people seemed HAPPIER. Now, don’t get me wrong…this town, along with all towns, has some issues. But it was nice to see people smiling and laughing; associates who were friendly and actually seemed to enjoy working at their jobs; and an overall atmosphere of niceness that permeated the town of Beaver Dam. We were there for six days, and only had bad encounters with TWO people during our stay.

It was wonderful to visit our dear friends Patrick and Courtney Studenec and all of their kiddos, and we hope to see them again soon; perhaps for an even longer stay. 🙂

A big shout out to the AmericInn there in town for making our stay a memorable one with a helpful and welcoming staff; it was a great hotel for an inexpensive price! Also, kudos to the Sake House for some excellent sushi!


So, one adventure is already in the books for this year…and we’re looking forward to some more awesome trips in the very near future!

Be blessed, my friends!


On the Road Again!

February 5, 2015

On the eve of the first of what will (prayerfully) be a few vacations for 2015, I pause a moment to give thanks to God for the financial means available to take this trip northward.

Our journey begins early tomorrow morning as we trek towards the great state of cheesedom…Wisconsin…and a chance to visit some very dear friends of ours, Patrick and Courtney Studenec and their awesome kiddos.

You see, the Studenecs were the first couple that I was humbled and privileged to perform an actual wedding ceremony for; the year was 2011; the place, Hannibal, MO. Now, four years, a relocation, and two more kids later for this lovely couple, and we will finally be able to spend some quality time fellowshipping together.

Please pray for us to have safe travel and stay; there is an abundance of snow on the ground where we are headed, and the kids are already looking forward to sledding and having fun with their “adopted Grandma and Grandpa” while we are there. Hopefully there will be no broken bones and/or dislocated joints!

Pictures, videos, and general goofiness will soon follow on Facebook as we settle in tomorrow…stay tuned!