On the Road Again!

On the eve of the first of what will (prayerfully) be a few vacations for 2015, I pause a moment to give thanks to God for the financial means available to take this trip northward.

Our journey begins early tomorrow morning as we trek towards the great state of cheesedom…Wisconsin…and a chance to visit some very dear friends of ours, Patrick and Courtney Studenec and their awesome kiddos.

You see, the Studenecs were the first couple that I was humbled and privileged to perform an actual wedding ceremony for; the year was 2011; the place, Hannibal, MO. Now, four years, a relocation, and two more kids later for this lovely couple, and we will finally be able to spend some quality time fellowshipping together.

Please pray for us to have safe travel and stay; there is an abundance of snow on the ground where we are headed, and the kids are already looking forward to sledding and having fun with their “adopted Grandma and Grandpa” while we are there. Hopefully there will be no broken bones and/or dislocated joints!

Pictures, videos, and general goofiness will soon follow on Facebook as we settle in tomorrow…stay tuned!


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