The Final Countdown…

April 3, 2015

The past two months have been a whirlwind of activity around the Davis household; traveling back and forth to Wisconsin, cleaning, assorting, selling off some excess stuff that we didn’t need, and, besides all of that…packing.

Yes, packing.

As in to MOVE.

You see, God has recently opened up some pretty awesome doors in our lives, and we are stepping through them by faith. It is a daunting challenge, knowing that we are leaving our old lives behind to start a new chapter; and yet, my family is excited beyond measure as we anxiously tick off the days until we pull up roots from northern Missouri and plant them back down in the nourishing soils of south central Wisconsin.

A person might ask, why Wisconsin? It’s REALLY cold!

And to this I answer: our daughter Kelsey is going to college in Fond du Lac (about 30 miles from where we’ll be living); we have some dear friends who live there; the people are uber-friendly; job opportunities are in ABUNDANCE; fishing is super crazy, because the town we are moving to sits on the border of a 6,700 acre lake; the spiritual climate is very attractive…and, above everything else…it’s just time for a change.

In a few short weeks, this chapter in our lives will close, and a blank page will open. We don’t know what the future will hold for us, but we know that a wonderful and exciting adventure awaits us! It is one that will be full of hope, of dreams, of ministry, of growth, and of a refreshing sabbatical time.

And before you ask…yes, we will miss people here in the northern MO area; it has been our home for the past twelve years and we have some awesome memories here with family, friends, and some great church people who have become our family as well. It is hard to leave them, but 7 1/2 hours is but a day trip back to Brookfield, and we will still visit as often as we can!

So, the final countdown has begun, my friends. As the day draws closer, there will be more updates and news, plus plenty of pics once the move happens. Please pray for us as we continue to pack, for our move to be as painless possible, and for safe travel mercies there.

More news to come!  🙂