My Dream Come True – Wildwood Prize

In just about 12 days, I’ll know whether or not my lifelong dream has come to fruition: having my novel, “Disaster at Havendale”, published in print!

Since the age of 16, when the idea came to me (literally) on a dark and stormy night in Brookfield, MO, I have labored; sweated; and shed many a worrisome tear over this novel. It has undergone several rewrites while remaining mostly true to its original storyline, and, of course, as the times and technologies have changed so has the tech in the book. Yet, it is mostly intact, and the same DNA intermingles from then to now in the bloodline.

You know, there’s nothing like the first thing you write; it is like giving birth to a healthy 10-pound baby in all its ripping, gnarling journey out of the womb. Long suffering agony gives way to smiles and joy as the pain recedes into the background, forgotten after a few moments. There is such an awesomeness in that first “child” that you are eager to show it off to everyone, regardless of how immature the grammar or sentence structure or storyline might be. 

By George, it’s YOUR kid, and you love it just the way it is!

That is why this Wildwood Prize competition is so very important to me as a writer; it’s a chance to show the WORLD the gift of writing that I have been blessed with; a chance to share this totally radical story with my family, friends, and loved ones both near and far.

And, it’s an opportunity to get those other works out there: the hay bale trilogy of short stories; the sequel to Disaster at Havendale, and many more. There is a wellspring waiting to bubble over into the ocean of existence called LIFE.

So, please help a struggling author out. If you have Twitter, click here to my story synopsis post and retweet it; if you don’t have Twitter, open the same link and sign up. It only takes a few moments; it’s free; and you’ll be supporting the dream I’ve agonized over for many, many years.

Thanks…I’ll keep you posted!


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