More Post-Idol Thoughts….

May 17, 2007

Well, I’ve had a full day to grasp what happened on American Idol last night, when Mindy Doo was voted off to the shock and dismay of thousands of people (this figure comes from the countless posts I’ve ran across on news sites, personal blogs, etc.)

Is it fair? Most certainly not. Was it justified? Probably not. Will it matter in the long term. Not really.

Let me explain. Melinda Doolittle was perhaps the most vocally correct, musically-trained contestant to perform on Idol this season; and perhaps the best one ever in the history of the show. She was humble and shy to the point of turning off many people with her personality; and, to boot, she was a Christian who never compromised on her faith. All of this combined probably spelled doom for her to make it to the finals.

The overwhelming feedback on her ouster last night is pro-Melinda, and anti-Idol; many have vowed to never watch the show again, and the finale will probably garner the lowest ratings for this season. That’s nothing against Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks, who have some talent…but they were NOT in the league that Melinda was in. It was sort of like watching a major league pitcher mow down Little League batters.

And, one has to remember that, through all of this shocking news, God ultimately has a bigger plan for Melinda. That is why she is no longer on AI. The Lord is moving her on, helping her overcome this loss with a brighter path ahead; one that will honor and glorify Him through her musical gifts and talents.

So, in the end, Idol loses big…and Melinda wins big through Christ. She will garner a huge recording contract with little or no ties to the Idol franchise, and sell platinum and multi-platinum CD’s throughout her lifetime. She’s this season’s Chris Daughtry, who has already shown that one doesn’t need to make it to the finale to have a successful recording career.

Congrats to you, Melinda. Thanks for being an inspiration to those of us who sing (sort of) and for being a Light for Christ in this crooked and perverse world. May God bless you as you embark on the beginning of your new life as a lead (not backup anymore!) singer. Be blessed.


American Idol Shocker

May 16, 2007

I’m more than stunned…I’m speechless.

So is Jeannie.

Melinda Doolittle, she of the Tina Turner-esque vocals and diminutive stature, was voted off of American Idol this evening, after 60 million votes were cast.

Message boards everywhere are abuzz over this insanity; most are of the same mentality as I have. The question that is one everyone’s minds is, “Why?” Talk about a travesty!

Nevertheless, Melinda will go on to a huge career in music, now that she is free from the confines of Idol’s built-in winner’s recording contract. She can pick and choose what will best suit her and her future path as an artist.

We all wish you Godspeed and our prayers are with you, young lady. Keep the Lord first and foremost; keep that humble attitude; and keep singing with your heart…you’ll go far! 🙂

American Idol Final Predictions

May 16, 2007

OK, here goes. After having watched the top three perform on American Idol last night, here’s my thoughts and takes on what will happen tonight:

  • Jordin Sparks is a cute kid with a great voice; but she has an uncomfortable stage presence because of her age. Overall, she was the worst; there were some good moments but they were far and few between. Berating Simon Cowell didn’t help much, either. She gets eliminated tonight, to the horror of her many fans.
  • Blake Lewis? He’s a beat-boxing extraordinaire, but this is a “singing” contest, after all. His “Roxanne” was a dim karaoke version. However, he did enough with the other two songs to make it to the finals next week.
  • Melinda Doolittle is truly what a singer and performer should be; she is coming out of her shyness and really nailed all three of her songs last night. She has an endearing quality about her that is far from the “diva-ness” of what Jordin has been showing lately. She’ll be in the finals next week.

Who will win? Melinda in a landslide victory, IF the people vote on what it means to be an idol, and not just a pretty face and decent voice. It’s the WHOLE package.

Your thoughts?

Hasta LaKisha, Baby!

May 10, 2007

American Idol is down to the final Big Three, with the elimination of LaKisha Jones last night.

Yes, she’s the one with the BIG voice that verges on screaming; the one who has trouble pacing her breathing at certain points (ala Jordin Sparks as well); and also has major enunciation issues. I, for one, was thankful to see her go. She can belt out a gospel tune, but was simply outclassed by better talent on the show.

Yes, Jeannie and I watch the show; I am really amazed by the lack of talent this season. Melinda Doolittle (even though a professional backup singer) is by far heads and shoulder above everyone else in the vocal arena.

And it REALLY shows.

And speaking of voice issues….what was up with Barry Gibb? The dude is definitely showing his age; his vocals were raspy and his range is quite diminished. Poor guy.

Your take on the show last night? Don’t hold back any punches.