2012 – The Year of a Great Awakening for God’s People

January 2, 2012

Here we are, my friends: it’s now January of 2012, and we are on the cusp of a new year, full of many challenges and adventures in the Lord Jesus!

This servant has felt that as we neared this special year, that there was going to be a great movement for God that would overwhelm our communities, our area, our nation, and our world. And now that the countdown is over and we are, indeed, into 2012, that feeling hasn’t diminished; in fact, it has grown stronger and stronger.

Folks, as Christians, we need to be ready to stand firm and strong when God calls us into action…and He WILL be asking each of us to step out in faith in these upcoming months. A massive spiritual stirring is prevalent in several of our area churches, and revival is but a breath away. We must be prayed up, fired up, and have our spiritual armor on when our names are called for the front lines of battle as God gets ready to awaken that slumbering giant known as the Church.

Brothers and sisters, 2012 will be a period of time that will go down in history as the Year of Boldness for Christianity. It’s time for ALL of us who love the Lord to get busy for Him!

This is our call to arms…are you packing the Gospel Gun of Truth?


More TV Thoughts – Season-Ending Episode of “Heroes”

May 18, 2007

This is perhaps the most anticipated series cliffhanger of the television season for yours truly; being the ├╝ber-geek that I am, I find this sci-fi “comic’book” style show fascinating, and very thought-provoking.

Monday is the climatic event we’ve been waiting for all season – will the big bang happen, or not? Will the”Heroes” get incinerated in the ensuing disaster? Will all hope be lost?

Good questions. Last week’s episode already blew me away, with both Linderman and Thompson getting the heave-ho out of the series, both in dramatic, and fitting, fashions. Micah Sanders manipulated a congressional election for Nathan Petrelli, who then begins his turn towards the dark side; D.L. Sanders gets shot (but it never shows him dead; just some food for thought); Molly is revealed as the “tracking system” that must be stopped at all costs; Hiro and his dad go at it with some nice swordplay in a bid to teach the time traveling young man how to defeat the enemy; Ando goes after Sylar, who in turn gobbles up Ted’s “explosive” personality for his own agenda; etc. etc. etc.

LOTS of information revealed, still a LOT more to come.

Predictions? Don’t know; this show is just crazy enough to let you second guess yourself. I thought I had some of it figured out, but now…I just don’t know. I believe that New York will be saved from disaster, perhaps by a jagged piece of glass and some last-second flying abilities. I believe Sylar will escape to come back and haunt the “Heroes” on another day. I assume that Micah’s role in the future timeline is bigger than anyone imagined, as shown by Isaac’s painted revelation. But these are only guesses.

We’ll see on Monday! Tune in on NBC!