It’s Your World Now

January 18, 2016

A deep and profound sense of sadness permeates the Davis household this evening as the sorrowful news came in from all forms of media: Glenn Frey, one of the founders of The Eagles, was dead at age 65.

My mind immediately flashed back to the early ’70’s and days spent listening to “Take it Easy”, “Witchy Woman”, and “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”; it was the theme music of our final days in Los Angeles, CA, and the drawn-out Route 66 journey to northern Missouri in a small town called Brookfield, where we would start our new lives together.

This album kept the insanity of a life uprooted in check; it was a soothing balm of chords and melodies that spoke of endless miles of a carefree life just driving on the highways and byways of yesteryear. It was soul-searching music of doubtful love with feet firmly “standing on the ground.” Southern California rock with meaningful lyrics laid against driving beats…yes, it was suffice to say that The Eagles had taken flight with that first album, with several more to come.

And even when the bickering came, the band split up, and each went their own separate ways with successful solo careers, there was always this feeling that somehow, someway, this iconic supergroup of musicians would make sweet music again; the dream came to fruition with the release of the live “Hell Freezes Over” album. The Eagles were back, and with a vengeance. All seemed right with the world once again.

And then, today, the news. Gut-wrenching, mind-blowing, and ever-so-final.

The tributes are still pouring in for this multi-talented actor/musician; as I sit here and write, the last lyrics that run through my head are from their last studio album, “Long Road out of Eden” and the hauntingly beautiful “It’s Your World Now.”

A perfect day, the sun is sinkin’ low
As evening falls, the gentle breezes blow
The time we shared went by so fast
Just like a dream, we knew it couldn’t last
But I’d do it all again
If I could, somehow
But I must be leavin’ soon
It’s your world now

It’s your world now
My race is run
I’m moving on
Like the setting sun
No sad goodbyes
No tears allowed
You’ll be alright
It’s your world now

Even when we are apart
You’ll always be in my heart
When dark clouds appear in the sky
Remember true love never dies

But first a kiss, one glass of wine
Just one more dance while there’s still time
My one last wish: someday, you’ll see
How hard I tried and how much you meant to me

It’s your world now
Use well your time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind
The curtain falls
I take my bow
That’s how it’s meant to be
It’s your world now
It’s your world now
It’s your world now

Rest in peace, Glenn. You really gave this guy, as well as the rest of the world, some great memories through the gift of music.


Big Changes in the Davis Household

May 25, 2010

Been kinda quiet for a few weeks/months…here’s the BIG scoop:

Yes, it IS official. I am the new lead pastor at Caldwell Street Baptist Church in my hometown of Brookfield, MO. My first Sunday is June 6th.

I have left the United Methodist Conference entirely, due to several issues with their stances on important biblical issues, and their apathy for the local licensed pastor and evangelism in general. God opened a HUGE door, and I stepped through in faith. And, my oh my, how He has blessed us!

More news about the change soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe Valentine’s Day.

To my beautiful and loving wife, Jeannie Marie. Thanks for being everything I could ever hope and long for in a spouse. You are my best friend, my lover, my confidante, and my co-minister in Christ. I love you, my angel. Happy Valentine’s Day…I pray that we will have many, many more to come.


Heath Ledger, 28

January 23, 2008

Seems as if the young stars of today are burning out fast and furious; the late afternoon news yesterday of Ledger’s death shocked many around the world.

He was a promising actor whose dramatic roles had been compared with legendary Marlon Brando and there seemed to be a bright future ahead for him; alas, no more. Autopsy results were inconclusive, so toxology results will no doubt play a role in determining his death.

As God always says, we are not promised tomorrow. All of us need to be aware of that fact, and give our lives to Him so that we can be blessed with an eternity of being with the Lord in Heaven.

Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56

December 16, 2007

This man was one of my musical favorites; with his soft melodic voice and simple yet poignant storytelling, Dan Fogelberg was a multi-platinum artist who touched many hearts with his music. He died today from advanced prostate cancer.

“Same Old Lang Syne” and “Leader of the Band” were two of his many lyrically blessed songs that spoke volumes about human relationships, and the brief time we spend here on earth trying to make sense of them.

Such a shame, and such a great loss of a gifted and talented artist. He will truly be missed by millions around the world.

Some Storm Damage Pics

December 12, 2007

Here’s a few pics from the ice storm damage to some of the trees in our backyard.


This is just part of it; there’s a ton of limbs still in the trees that have snapped off that haven’t fallen yet…and this is the part I could get to without totally busting my butt on the ice…sheesh.

Cleanup Begins…

December 12, 2007

The roads are ice-covered, as well as the sidewalks and steps and patio and power lines and trees and….you get the picture.

So, instead of wrecking the van in a vain attempt to get to work, I am going to stay home today and begin the arduous task of cleaning up…which means chopping up the numerous limbs scattered about the yard.

The wind picked up last night, which sure didn’t help things. I heard the crack and thud of more tree appendages being shed off all night long. Plus, the power briefly went out four times…thank God it came back on quickly, though.

So, say a prayer for me this morning as I venture out into the elements and wear out my back gathering next year’s firewood. LOL.