The Argument for Apocalypse

November 17, 2015

Yeah, I know…that’s a pretty radical and morbid title for a post, but it’s one that I’ve been spinning around in my head for a few days as I work on another story outline. This one? A three novel arc that spans generations and brings a deep spiritual aspect to the age-old adage of “good vs. evil”.

So, in light of what I’m working on, I thought I’d share this tidbit: I’m sometime asked what I think of the world we live in now, and will there be an apocalypse on day? Well, being a fan of The Walking Dead and other world-altering stories (my favorite by far is “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson), I would have to say that it weighs heavily on me from time to time; could this be the way that the world ends? With a huge party favor complete with zombie fireworks, or with a flu-like whimper as in Stephen King’s “The Stand”?

My opinion? I’d have to say with maybe a little of both. If we did have manivores (flesh-eating people, get it?), then all it would take is a few bath salt-sniffing addicts to alter their brain chemistry enough to insitute the necessary changes in behavioral patterns to think that it’s really okay to ingest a few innards. Could that sort of disease be spread virally or biologically? Probably not. On the AS (Apocalypse Scale), a tepid 3 out of 10, since there would have to be a WHOLE lot of sniffing agents to make the entire world a glorious all-your-can-eat buffet.

Or how about a man made, genetically produced bio agent courtesy of the good ol’ U.S. of A.? One that escapes (or is let loose) from underground labs and mutates humans into muchin’ machines, a la Resident Evil? Method of transmission primarily via physical (chewing) contact. This scenario has a good side, though.  After a while, their food source would be exhausted; so, all one would have to do is stock up, board up, lock up, and wait it out. On the AS; say about 6 or 7 out of 10.

Worst-case scenario? Believe it or not, nuclear devastation would wipe out a majority of the world’s population in seconds, and the lingering after effects could last hundreds of years via nuclear winter, radiation poisoning over a vast wasteland, mass starvation, etc. Billions dead, major cities wiped out, utilities eradicated…basically, a survivalist’s nightmare. Tally on the AS, a perfect apocalyptic storm of 10 out of 10.

One thing to keep in mind: during any apocalyptic event, the playing field will be leveled dramatically as societies roll back to the Stone Age. There will be no more rich or poor, and no privileged class to lord over the underdogs. All people will be struggling the same way, and attempting to survive against the backdrop of annihilation. The odds will definitely NOT be in your favor.

So, my friends, there’s my argument for the apocalypse. Could it happen? Perhaps.

Will it happen? Only God knows.

All I can say is this: if you see anyone with some intestines hanging out of their mouth, please let me know as soon as possible, ok? 

Just in case.



Me and the iPhone3G

November 21, 2008

Yeah, I know…I love my Apple toys.

Here’s a shot at work with the aforementioned iPhone3G, complete now with the version 2.2 firmware which came out early this morning; a shot across the bow for RIM and their new Blackberry Storm.

All I can say is…wow…StreetView is awesome on the iPhone. I’ve been visiting old neighborhoods in L.A. and Orlando. Lots of things have changed, sad to say. :(.

DaMacDood and his toy

BTW, the hair growth is two weeks after shaving it completely bald with a razor. Crazy, huh?

A New Winter ‘Do

November 7, 2008

You know…I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be bald; totally hairless against the ravages of frigid north Missouri winters.

So, I took the plunge and had Jeannie shave my head. A pic below:


Yeah, I know. BIG ears.

What’s a guy to do with those?

Thoughts? Comments?

(BTW…I AM letting my hair grow out after being outvoted to keep it. The tally was a landslide against me)

Blogging with the iPhone

October 28, 2008

One of the great things that a person can do with their iPhone is blog while on the road…sort of like using this as a mini-laptop.

Well, I thought that I would give it a go and we how it works; it’s not too bad in a pinch!

Vacation Time Only Two Weeks Away!

May 22, 2008

Well, we are finally getting excited to be going on an extended vacation! LOL. This is the first real trip Jeannie and I have taken since we’ve been married (apart from our wonderful honeymoon at Destin Beach, FL); and it is our first family vacation. So, it should be really fun!

So far, the trip schedule looks like this:

  • Day 1-2: Springfield, MO to Cornville, AZ (with a layover)
  • Days 3-6: At Jeannie’s brother Jerry’s home in Cornville
  • Days 7-12: Driving back ol’ Route 66!

We plan on taking about 6 days to come back at our leisure, taking plenty of pics along the way of the sights, sounds, and long-forgotten places along this historic stretch of highway. I can imagine I’ll have PLENTY of stories to share after we return; in fact, I am thinking of writing a book about our experiences. I know enough publishing people now to perhaps make the dream a reality. 🙂

Forty Wonderful Months Later…

May 9, 2008

Yes, it has been that much time since I wrote my first column for the Linn County Leader; February 2005 was about “A Magic Worth Remembering” and it brought back many vibrant memories of moving to the Midwest and working in Marceline…which was Walt Disney’s hometown for a while. The same Main Street USA that I had seen at Disneyland in California was actually in the same place where I now lived!

LOTS of time has passed between now and then; and many, many changes have come to the Davis household. Jeannie and I are now foster parents; I am a licensed pastor serving a multi-point charge (3 churches) in the United Methodist Conference; we’ve moved to a beautiful farm (that also serves as the parsonage) outside of Browning; etc., etc., etc. Life is so good.

And, I still find time to write, albeit not as often as I would like. This blog is merely an extension of those thoughts and feelings that never make it to the monthly columns, and its sister blog (A Shepherd’s Tale) is another facet of online writing, namely focusing on my pastoral life. I find it both therapeutic and invigorating (if those two even go hand-in-hand) to just sometimes “let it ALL hang out.”

So, here we are, three years and four months later, still pecking away at my Mac keyboard…and the recollections of my life come forth from that time known jokingly to me as “Of coke bottle lenses and pocket protectors”. I am glad that God still continues to bless His servant with this gift; and I’ll keep using it until I run out of things to say.

Or, as my beautiful wife Jeannie so aptly (and correctly) puts it, “You won’t have to worry about that happening for a LONG time.”


The Route 66 Books Are In!

May 1, 2008

We ordered some helpful maps and also a book with Route 66 tourist info from the other day. Well, they cam in yesterday and at first glance, seem VERY helpful. The maps actually have the old part of the highway drawn out, with wonderful stops along the way.

Here’s what the front cover of one of the maps looks like:

We plan on driving out non-stop to Arizona; then, while coming back slowly (over the course of about five days) we plan on taking in a lot of stops along the way. I’d like to get pics of old Route 66 signage, any deserted towns we might pass through; and cool looking vistas.

My June column in the Linn County Leader will deal exclusively on the trip, and then in July, I’ll be doing a follow-up with pics. I’ll also be uploading some pics after we get back of the journey.