Linn County Community Chorus

November 30, 2005

If you’re in the neighborhood of Marceline or Brookfield, Missouri, this weekend, please make it a point to stop by to hear the Linn County Community Chorus during their Christmas concerts, being held at St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Marceline on Saturday, December 3rd, at 7PM; and at Trinity United Methodist Church in Brookfield on Sunday, December 4th, at 2PM.

We’ll be singing some classic Christmas songs, plus some fun stuff too. Kids in Motion will also be singing some number with us and by themselves.

All in all, it’ll be a fun time.

Come join us!


What? No Post for Tuesday??

November 30, 2005

So sue me.

Anyway, it was rather busy yesterday with Jeannie and I going down to Columbia for my allergy shot; then work; then Discipleship class; then Community Chorus dress rehearsal in Marceline…you get the idea.

We kinda ran ragged yesterday.

So, that being said, here’s the latest: Found out that I will have surgery on my nasal deviated septum the morning of December 12th; doctor said it’s best if I get it done now (and it helps having my deductible met for the year). It’s an outpatient surgery and I get to go home that day and probably back to work the next day, depending on how I feel. Pray for me; haven’t underwent an operation since my ankle was fused about 13 years ago. I know it’s minor, but still…

And then 6 days after that I get to sing a solo in our church cantata…oh, boy. Won’t that be fun? LOL. But the nurse assured me that I should be fine. My voice may change a bit but that’s about all.

Allergy shots are going fine. Jeannie got to stick me yesterday, and after next week she gets to give them to me on a regular basis every week for the next two years.

That’s about all from the homefront here. Working on next week’s column. I don’t have a clue yet, like usual.

A Nice Four Days Off…

November 28, 2005

Just relaxed and caught up on some much needed sleep and nap times during the days; got to visit with family and friends. I finally feel recharged enough after battling this sinus issue for so long. The allergy shots seem to be working fairly well, too. Or maybe it’s the lack of pollen and allergens in the air. 🙂

Peanut Night on Saturday was wonderful with beautiful weather (upper 40’s for the evening) and some top-notch peanuts and a huge crowd to boot. Two Mickey statues were unveiled out of 75 specially crafted ones from around the world; this pair of statues reside here in Marceline, which is pretty cool. One is called Radio Mickey and the other Railroad Mickey (but of course).

Hanging of the Greens at Trinity UMC tonight after services; food and fellowship were at a premium as well. The church is breathtakingly beautiful during this time of year with the festive colors.

All in all, a wonderful holiday weekend.

The Latest “Rage”

November 26, 2005

We’ve heard of “road rage” in the past few years, where drivers all of a sudden go berserk for seemingly no reason, shooting guns and beating each other with their vehicles. There have been several injuries and even deaths reported.

Well, the madness has boiled over to Wal-Mart and other retail outlets during this Christmas shopping season. Because of this, I’ve just coined the new term…

“Store seething.”

It might not be as catchy as road rage, but it aptly describes what is going on in our shopaholic society today.

Your thoughts?

Mr. Miyagi Meets His Match

November 25, 2005

Breaking news at this hour: Pat Morita, the venerable Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies, has died at the age of 73. His passing was from natural causes.

This is NOT the way to start off the Christmas holiday season.

Morita was a character actor who portrayed many roles, but is best known for Miyagi, and the phrase, “Wax on, wax off,” and as Arnold on the hit series, Happy Days.

One of my favorite exchanges between Miyagi and Daniel-sun on the Karate Kid was this:
Daniel: You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.
Miyagi: You pretty okay too.

Simple, understated…but pretty poignant.

Sheesh. All those good actors and actresses are dying off from our generation’s movies.

Who’s next?

Sufficiently Stuffed

November 24, 2005


I gave it my all today on Thanksgiving, and fell fall short of my record eating.

I know, I know. Gluttony is a sin; and I have to admit that on this one day of the year, I eat too much. Most people do. I won’t make excuses; I’ll just admit it and we’ll go on from there, ok?

Plenty of good eats to go around; Mom, brother Bob, sis-in-law Nan, niece Amie, and the Davis clan on Walker St. sat down to a LARGE spread. We missed bro Ron, chief typist for CHATTER, and his family. Perhaps at Christmas we can all get together at Bob’s new home here in Marceline.

After giving thanks to God for our meal, we each said one blessing that we’ve had from this past year. Mine was, very simply, having Jeannie as my wife. She has indeed been a Godsend, and has stood by me through the calling I have received to God’s ministry as a lay speaker. The Lord knew that I needed her love and support for this humbling servanthood season in my life.

Yes, there is so much to be thankful for.

And as another year has gone by, and Christmas approaches once again, my thoughts are drawn more and more to that lowly manger scene some 2,000 years ago, where our Lord and Savior arrived here on Earth. No worldly trumpets heralded His arrival; the Christ Child was born amidst lowing cattle and braying donkeys. Yet, He came here for one specific purpose; to be the only sacrificial Lamb for all of us. He came into this filthy, stinking, and perverse world to save our souls from eternal damnation. And the most wondrous aspect of this is that all we have to do is accept and believe.

It’s amazing when you think of that total, unconditional love He has for us. And it makes you stop and take a step back and be thankful for what we have. It might not be much, but we could have been born into much lowlier estates.

Like Christ was.

So, while I was watching my family eat around the table, I silently gave thanks for the love I was witnessing on this Turkey Day in 2005.

What a blessing it was to have my family together again.

Giving Thanks…

November 23, 2005

1. For God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; and for the Word of God. Thank you, God, for giving me the desires of my heart, and thanks for allowing me to be a humble servant for Your Kingdom.
2. For Jeannie, my beautiful and wonderful soulmate and helpmate for the past 19 months. I love you. Thank you for believing in me and standing by me as I continue my journey of faith and follow the calling that God has laid upon my heart. You will never know what that means to me; and I will try my best to be the husband and man of God that you need in your life.
3. For all of my children: Robbie, Scotty, Briana, Jordan, Jonathan, Isaac and Kelsey, who have shown me love no matter what the circumstances.
4. For Micah, our daughter who is in Heaven today. We love you and miss you terribly.
5. For our families, both near and far.
6. For physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
7. For being able to spend the last night together that my dad was here on earth; I know that I will see him again one day in Heaven. I miss you, Dad.
8. For our church family, whom we dearly love.
9. For being able to live in a small town and away from the rat race of the big city. It is nice to be able to unwind after a busy day with no worries and no rushing about.
10.For friends, past and present.

And what do you give thanks for this year?