Tuesday Thoughts…

  • Our van is back in the shop AGAIN...transmission is slipping during highway driving and otherwise acting possessed. Two words come to mind: stupid satan! Anyone happen to have a vehicle they would just donate to the Davis household that’s in good running condition? LOL. (The scary thought is that we are planning on driving this very same van to Arizona in June on vacation…but if it keeps on acting this way we might not get to go…barring a miracle.) 😦
  • Busy week AND weekend ahead. *sigh* Whatever happened to having a weekend with nothing to do?
  • First Marceline Park Board meeting of 2007 is this evening. Lots to talk about in only an hour.
  • Trinity UMC is having a church-wide spaghetti supper and movie night this Friday, March 30th. Bring a covered dish if you’re in the area and join us in fellowship!
  • Sleep? What is that and who needs it?
  • Thanks to the Bagley family for letting us use one of their vehicles the past few days. It’s helped us out immensely.

I know I’m rambling. I’m tired and in need of some spiritual/emotional and mental restoration; looks like that will happen about this time next year. 🙂

Financial restoration would be good, too, right about now. LOL.


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